Berlin Relocation Service

Expats In Wonderland is a Berlin relocation agency that can help you make the city your new home.

Disclaimer: Expats In Wonderland GmbH are neither real estate agents, insurance brokers or immigration lawyers. We do not offer legal advice as defined in the out-of-court legal services act (Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz, RDG). For any legal advice we are proud to partner with a trusted German law firm.

Find a flat in Berlin

The Berlin rental market is intensely competitive, and housing associations are slow to adapt to the pace of the growing population.  Processes are complex and bureaucratic, and with so many more applicants it’s essential that you get the application process right.  Our apartment search coaching service gives you the information, language skills and a personal coach and interpreter to support you in finding your dream flat.

General German Visa Information & Interpretation

We inform those from outside the EU on where they can find the publicly available information online to apply for a working visa.  We’re not immigration lawyers, but can help you learn about the visa process, and provide the language coaching you need.

Beyond the basics: We setup the rest!

Got your flat and visa? We help you with the next steps to wrap up your relocation.  See us as your language coaches and experienced city guides, helping with everything from your basic needs to recommending great places to eat, drink, shop and workout in the city.

Ready to start your Berlin relocation?

Book your initial free consultation using our easy online booking system, and schedule a call or face-to-face meeting to start your move.