Berlin Relocation Service

Expats In Wonderland is a Berlin relocation agency that can help you find a flat, get a german visa and make the city your new home.

Find a flat in Berlin

The Berlin rental market is intensely competitive, and housing associations are slow to adapt to the pace of the growing population.  Processes are complex and bureaucratic, and with so many more applicants it’s essential that you get the application process right.  Our apartment search service is a sure way to secure a flat, at a great rent, in the area you want, without the stress.

Get a German working visa

We’re specialists in helping those from outside the EU secure a working visa.  Unlike other services, we welcome freelancers, the self-employed and artists with open arms.  If you want to work independently in Berlin, or already have a job and want to secure a visa for yourself and your family, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Beyond the basics: We setup the rest!

Got your flat and visa? We go above and beyond to help you with the next steps to wrap up your relocation. This means residency registrations, getting a tax number, setting up internet and utilities, and even recommended great places to eat, drink, shop and workout in the city.

Ready to start your Berlin relocation?

Book your initial free consultation using our easy online booking system, and schedule a call or face-to-face meeting to start your move.