Apartment Search

Our Berlin apartment search service will help you to find the flat of your dreams, in a neighbourhood of your choice, at a rent you can afford.

Private Viewings & Priority Applications

We work closely with a number of housing associations, landlords and rental partners in the city that give our customers first choice on their properties. No more waiting in line at viewings, just simply supply your documents and sign the lease.

Expert Document Preparation

Our team know exactly what documents are required to secure a rental contract.  We help you to pull together the perfect paperwork packet to give you the best chance of securing even the most competitive flats.

Registration & Utilities Setup

Once your rental contract is signed, we help you to get your residency registration (anmeldung), setup your gas and electricity contracts and get your phone and high-speed internet connected.

Ready to find your dream flat?

Book your initial free consultation using our easy online booking system, and schedule a call or face-to-face meeting to get your flat search underway.