Want to buy an apartment in Berlin?

We guide you through the process of buying an apartment in Berlin, organising viewings, offering tax consultancy, mortgage advice, with an optional ongoing property management.

Finding A Property To Buy In Berlin

Whether you are looking to buy an apartment, house, or commercial space in Berlin, our relocation agents can help you find a range of properties that fit your requirements.  We will accompany you to viewings, translating and helping you to negotiate a fair deal with the seller.

Document Preparation To Get A Mortgage In Germany

Germans are notoriously prudent when it comes to financing large purchases on credit.  It can make it tough to get a loan to buy a flat in Berlin, especially if you are an expat from outside the EU.  We ensure that your documents are up to the task, and prepare your financial statements to help you buy the property of your dreams.

Legal & Tax Services For Both Buyer & Seller

Our in-house lawyer and partner notary can help you to legally purchase an apartment, house or office space in Berlin.  Notary, registration and property tax services are a complex but required expense when buying a property in Germany.  We give you full transparency on the process, with communication handled in English.

Property Management & Finding Tenants

Once you have purchased your property, you might want to live or work there yourself, or rent it to others.  We can help you to manage your property, setting up utilities, finding reliable tenants, creating rental contracts and clarifying your responsibilities and legal requirements as a landlord in Germany.

Renovations, Interior Design & Furnishing

We work with trusted contractors to deliver outstanding property renovations at a fair and transparent cost.  If you are looking for exceptional design, then we are connected with world renowned interior designers to style your property from the inside out.

Ready to buy a flat in Berlin?

Book your initial free consultation using our easy online booking system, and schedule a call or face-to-face meeting to get your property purchase underway.