Professional Legal Advisors

We have a professional, certified lawyer to offer you expert legal advice.  We can help you settle disputes with your landlord, employer and more.

Certified lawyer offering expert legal advice

Chris is our official partner for legal advice.  He’s a practicing lawyer and has helped our clients in the past settle disputes regarding properties, employment and more.

Know your rental rights

German tenancy law is strong and offers you a great set of protections to avoid being exploited by your landlord.  If unannounced renovations start, or your neighbours turn into a horrendous building site, you might be eligible to reduce your rent.  Ask and find out.

Business registration & legislation

Thinking to set up a company and need advice on the right structure?  We can connect you with a legal advisor to give you tips on the right type of business incorporation to limit your liability in Germany.  Plus know what your employee’s rights are.

Looking for legal advice?

Get in touch using our online booking system and we’ll connect you with our legal advisory team.