Berlin Residency Registration

Getting your registration (Anmeldung) is your pass to life in Berlin. It’s the most important document and a legal requirement for all residents.

Preparation Of Documents

We prepare all of the necessary paperwork to officially register.  This includes documents from your landlord or housing association, passport and a a whole host of forms.

We Book Your Appointment Online

Most applicants just show up at their local town hall and wait for an appointment. This can mean sitting on an hard plastic chair for hours with no guarantee of being seen.  We book your appointment online and reserve you spot so there are no waiting times.

Registration On Your Behalf

If you are comfortable giving us permission to complete your registration for you, you don’t even need to attend the meeting. We can take your documents, make the appointment on your behalf and have you registered while you sip your latte at home.

Ready to get registered?

Get in touch using our online booking system and request your residency registration today.