Business Visa Service

We specialise in helping business owners, freelancers, and employees secure their German working visa, so you can relocate your team stress free.

Freelance & self-employed visa specialists

Many prospective Berlin residents are told that it’s near to impossible to secure a working visa as a freelancer. This is simply not true. We are experts in helping artists, freelancers, and the self employed apply for and extend their German working visa.

Visa for founders and employees

Before you can setup your company, as the founder you will need to be allowed to trade in Germany.  We have relocated multiple internationally renowned entrepreneurs, who have gone on to setup new companies in Berlin.

Preparing for Brexit chaos?

Whatever looms on the horizon, we are prepared.  Is your organisation ready for Brexit? We can help your British staff to secure their right to work in Germany so that you don’t lose your top tea sipping talent.

Ready to get your business working visa?

Book your initial free consultation using our easy online booking system and we’ll get your visa applications underway.