Moving to Berlin from the USA to work

27th June 2019 in Guide, Moving To Berlin, Relocation

Are you a US citizen moving to Berlin?

We’ve put together a quick rundown on what you need to know before moving to Berlin from the USA to work.  In this fast-food article you’ll find out what special opportunities and restrictions affect US citizens moving to Germany, starting from your intention to relocate through to securing your working visa.

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Find relief at one of Berlin’s top rated acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine practices

8th April 2019 in Guide, Health & Fitness

Despite the joy it gives us solving Expat visa and flat cases, dealing with those disgruntled civil servants can sure take it out of you. So after too many hours hunched over forms, sitting on those uncomfortable immigration waiting room chairs, and smacking the proverbial bottoms of impertinent landlords, my body was begging for a little relief.

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Introducing our new partner

26th March 2019 in Guide, Partners

Expats In Wonderland has partnered with Venn, a forward thinking co-living concept, which is established in Berlin, Tel Aviv & New York.

With their unique approach, Venn are offering beautiful furnished private apartments in their two buildings in Friedrichshain.  Each building has communal areas in-which the residents are encouraged to connect with their neighbours and build a sense of community. Plus they have hinted that new buildings will be opening in the very near future.

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Improve your fitness with Berlin’s best personal trainer trio

7th March 2019 in Guide, Health & Fitness
Meet the trainers: Catarina, Joey & Nikolai

Let’s face it, Berlin is not always the healthiest city. With a playground of debauchery, supersize bottles of booze on every street corner, and just about every conceivable variation of sausage available from dusk until dawn (we’ve seen you breakfast bratwurst eater and know where you live), you might occasionally wake up feeling a little puffy and gross.

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