In January 2019 Expats In Wonderland gave a short talk at the new betahaus Berlin location.  The topic of the talk was to explore the process of moving to Berlin from the perspective of international freelancers and entrepreneurs who are from both inside and outside of the EU.

Following the presentation we took a quick Q&A with the audience, who fielded questions relating to their own experience in relocating to Berlin. We had so many great questions from the community that we agreed to run a monthly workshop in which members of betahaus can approach the Expats team for a short free consultation.

“Navigating the move to Berlin as someone setting up a new start-up company can be hell. Without proof of stable income, or prohibitively expensive health insurance, young entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in catch 22. Expats was started to help you find the loopholes that will make your life easier.”

If you are interested in talking to the member of the team, feel free to pop down to betahaus and ask us about your battle with bureaucracy. You can check out our range of services using the site navigation or book a private appointment with us using the online booking system.