As the world faces a cultural shift where people are moving from owning to renting or sharing, Expats In Wonderland has decided to partner with an innovative start-up from Berlin, roomovo.

roomovo is a convenient and flexible furniture rental service that offers a variety of furniture for your living, dining or bedroom.

You can choose between individual pieces of furniture or curated furniture bundles. Standard renting periods range from 3 to 12 months, the longer the chosen renting period, the lower the monthly rent. At the end of the rental contract you are able to choose between 4 flexible options: extend, buy, swap or return. In order to make the service more convenient, delivery and set-up of the furniture is for free.

They have been kind enough to offer Expats In Wonderland clients an exclusive offer of 15% off their service with a voucher code available on request from our team.

Live in style for a short while by renting a double bed for your temporary apartment.

The founders came up with the idea from personal need. As frequent movers they know the hassles of transporting, setting up and storing furniture multiple times or living in expensive, impersonal furnished apartments.

With roomovo you…

  • Always have flexibility on the look of your home
  • Sit back and relax, since delivery and set-up is included
  • Customise your apartment the way you want, without the hassle of having to own the furniture

In case you are afraid of damaging the furniture, you can also opt for the damage waiver roomovo care to limit your personal contribution in case of damage.

So whether you are having your furniture shipped over from your home country and only need some furniture to “bridge the gap” or you’re moving to Berlin only for a short amount of time, roomovo is a great option.