Meet the Expats In Wonderland team

We’re a small Berlin based company that works hard and plays hard together.
Our collaboration and communication makes us stronger.

Michal Pochyly


Michal is our English speaking handyman, originally from the Czech Republic. He can help you upgrade your living space, offering carpentry,  plumbing, kitchen installation, electrical and general renovation services. You can book him online.

Michaela Cevelova

Relocation Agent

Michaela is an experienced relocation agent, with a background in the Berlin rental market.  After cutting her teeth at a real estate agency, she wanted to use that knowledge to help immigrants and expats make Berlin their new home.  She speaks fluent German and English, as well as her native Czech.

Yacoub Chakarji

Relocation Agent & Translator

Yac is a true white whale in the city.  A real Berliner.  As part of our relocation team, a native German speaker and also fluent in English and French, he is a veritable Swiss army knife at your apartment viewing, registration, visa appointment and more.  After hours you can find him fattening his photography portfolio, and rattling dance floors as his alter-ego Tempre.

Ina Pilkington

Founder & CEO

After 13 years as a professional dancer and performance artist, Ina has relocated within Germany close to a hundred times.  After settling in Berlin herself, she founded Expats In Wonderland to help others make the city their home.

Emilia Tolvanen

Business Development Manager

Emi has been in Berlin for over a decade and is a flat and visa wizard.  She speaks fluent German, English and her native Finnish, and has experience in working for top brands in marketing and event production.  She and her sidekick Lilo (dog) are responsible for our corporate partnership programme.

Peer Rogge

Relocation Agent & Translator

Peer is a German native speaker, translator and relocation agent.  Born and raised in Hamburg, and recently relocated to Berlin himself from London, passing up a career in corporate finance to spend more time with his daughter Ava and pursue a more rewarding day job with us!

Christian Jaeger

Legal Advisor & Practicing Lawyer

Chris is a fully qualified, practicing lawyer, and our official partner for legal advice.  When the shit gets real, Chris steps in, brandishing his scales of justice to make sure that you don’t get on the wrong side of the law.  He can help you with landlord issues, employment disputes and other legal matters.

Simon Pilkington

CTO & Digital Strategy Consultant

Simon is the Expats In Wonderland CTO, and designed and built this beautiful website. He is a freelance digital strategy consultant, based in Berlin but working with clients from all over the world.

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