German Visa Consultants in Berlin

We specialise in helping freelancers, artists, employees and families obtain their German visa or blue card through our visa consultancy, translation and preparation service.

Save on unnecessary legal fees

While the visa process is certainly complicated, the vast majority of cases do not require an immigration lawyer.  We know your rights and requirements, and can guide you through a successful application without excess cost.

We are specialists in freelance, self-employed and artist visas

Moving to Berlin and want to be self-employed?  Many online sources will say don’t bother.  Expats In Wonderland say “Yes you can!”.  We have unparalleled experience in securing long term visas for self-employed, freelancers and artists.

Simple one time fee. If you are denied, 50% is refunded.

Our visa approval rate is close to 100%, as we can advise you from the first consultation on whether your application will be approved before you make any payment.  If you’re not sure if you will be eligible, book an appointment and find out.

Special Full English Brexit Package for UK citizens.

We’re offering a special package for UK citizens securing their right to remain in Germany after Brexit.  We handle all paperwork, attend your meeting and can help you prepare the best case for your residency.  We’ll never give up on EU!

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