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We have partnered with immigration lawyers offering you visa application, appointment attendance, interpretation & more for a simple package price.

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Which visa will you apply for?

Visa applications can be complicated. To get you started here are some of the most common types of visas that are covered in the visa package. Book an initial consultation to find out more about the service and get your application underway.

National D Visa

Working with our immigration lawyers you will be guided through your visa application. Plus all the Expats In Wonderland language, interpretation and coaching you need.

Employment Visa

Starting a new job? Together with our partner lawyers we will see your German employment visa application from start to finish.

Freelance Visa

Berlin is one of the most freelancer friendly cities in Europe. Get your freelance German visa with our partner lawyers and join the ranks of creatives and professionals working in the capital.

Artist Visa

It’s no secret that Berlin is one of the world’s favourite cities for international artists. Together with our lawyer partners, we’ll help you to get setup as an artist from outside of the EU in Germany.

Family Visa

Moving with your family to Berlin? Family visas are designed to help families stay together. Our immigration lawyer partners have the expertise to help keep your loved ones close.

Visa Renewal

Already living in Berlin an your visa is coming to an end? Maybe you are ready to apply for permanent residency, or want to change your job. Our partner lawyers can help you renew your visa.

Our Partner Lawyer: KGR Anwaltskanzlei

KGR are one of Germany’s leading mid-size law firms, offering legal support to private individuals and companies.

Document preparation for your application

Our law partners help you to prepare your paper work to ensure your application is properly prepared for your immigration appointment.

Take a strategic approach to your visa application

Our partners will make a strategic recommendation for your visa application. This legal advice includes guidance on which type of visa you can apply for, and other advice to help you in your application.

Appointment attendance & interpretation

We attend your appointment with you, acting as your interpreter and emotional support, to ensure that you can communicate freely and accurately with the immigration office team.

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